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What is Sweat & Serenity...?

Sweat & Serenity is the perfect mixture of relaxation and adventure. Each trip gives a unique opportunity to thrive in new experiences.

Traveling internationally, witnessing different cultures, meeting new friends and facing old fears are just a few aspects of joining our trips.

LIVE FEARLESSLY is the motto of Sweat & Serenity, providing a different meaning to each person. Mostly it serves as a reminder to live your best life each day you wake up, be grateful today you never know what tomorrow has in store. You have the chance to write your personal story. Each Sweat & Serenity trip includes something new and is designed to challenge personal growth. You are guaranteed to sweat, not only from HIIT classes led by your favorite trainer and fitness instructor, Marielle, then by the hiking, horseback riding or adrenaline seeking activities planned throughout your stay.

Recovery and self care are important, you will appreciate serenity, relaxing on a massage table, lounging in the hot springs or beachside soaking up the sun.

This trip is not exclusive to athletes or fitness enthusiasts, we encourage everybody of all ages, fitness levels and diversity. If you are willing to share new experiences, travel the world, try new things and live your best life...

Sweat & Serenity is for YOU!

Sweat & Serenity 2019!


  • 5 days/ 4 nights Treehouse accommodation
  • 3 meals a day
  • Daily workouts
  • Transfers to/from the airport
  • Gift bag
  • Ziplining
  • Hiking
  • Sweat & Serenity shirt
  • and MORE!

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